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Freedom Puppies Reviews

Freedom Puppies serves you best by putting the health and well-being of your puppy first. Don't take our word for it, here's what real customers have to say about us.


Hi Freedom Puppies,


It’s been almost a year since we picked up Brie at your home. I can’t tell you how thankful we are to have her. She is the most wonderful dog!! She is extremely bright and excels in obedience. She’s learning Triebball, and it's a blast. She is so sweet, and cuddling is a big activity in this house. We frequently are stopped by people when we’re out walking and constantly hear compliments about how gorgeous she is. Thank you again for helping us find the perfect dog for us. Our best regards to you and your beautiful family.

~ Bonnie and Ed 

Hope you are well! I've been meaning to send you a photo of Suzie, on Mt Hood this summer (a short hike, not to worry!) She turned one in early June, as you recall, one of Diamond's puppies. She's a very sweet girl and really well-mannered. We love her! Thanks!


Our family purchased a puppy from Freedom Puppies several years ago. Since we were not able to visit our puppy before he came home we appreciated all the photos and regular updates. We were very nervous about getting a dog sight unseen, but the Freedom Puppies team was very patient and kind with all our questions and concerns. All our nerves were put to rest when our puppy arrived. He was a healthy, happy, and stunning boy! We could tell right away that he had been so well cared for and loved. Nothing beats purchasing a puppy from a loving family. Finley has fit so well into our family, He provides the special love and companionship that only a dog can. We are so happy with Finley. If you are purchasing a puppy from Freedom Puppies we are sure you will feel the same way.


Bailey has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is very intelligent and full of energy. If our eleven-month-old granddaughter is into something she shouldn't be or there is a problem in the house she barks to alert us. Bailey will be two years old in August and she is super healthy and doing great!


Freedom Puppies are aptly named. Our two boys bring the same joy and delight as sweet cream. I contacted Freedom Puppies early this year about getting a puppy for my husband's birthday. With a litter on the way, we put our name on the list for a male pup. The process of choosing and waiting for our new baby was delightful because of Freedom Puppies' dedication to sending updates that included pictures and videos! Her family was patient and kind to us when we spent an inordinate amount of time at their home when it came time to pick our puppy. My son fell in love with the smallest little boy so though we came to pick out one puppy, two ended up stealing our hearts! Zeus and Taima are the best puppies I have ever had. Though they definitely have their own personalities, both are well-behaved. They don't chew up my shoes (we bought a lot of toys!), they look like polar bears when they play, but are thoroughly convinced that they are lap dogs when it's nap time. They learn new commands and rules very rapidly. We know these delightful personality characteristics are a part of the breed; we have taken the boys to visit their dad and he is incredibly gentle with them. My husband repeatedly notes how happy he is with my choice of breed for his birthday present. He says that these boys even better behaved than the Golden Retriever he had for 12 years. Thank you Orth family!


Finnegan Seamus, our Golden Retriever, is a beautiful, mellow, intelligent, lovable, sensitive, and respectful member of our family. He has won our hearts and everyone else’s whom he meets. Finnegan draws a crowd wherever we go, and people do not hesitate to pet or hug him and want to know all about him. We are very fortunate to have Finnegan in our lives and he makes our family complete.

~Tom and Nola

Dear Freedom Puppies, I hope you and your family are well! I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Dover is. He's eight months old today and the last six months with him have really enhanced my life!


Freedom Puppies, here's your "blue boy". He's doing great and a fabulous dog and friend. Hasn't destroyed a single thing in our house or dug a single hole in our yard. Incredible! We figured as much with a mom like Nena, and people like you. Thank you for our great gift.

~Kurt & Holly 

Dear Freedom Puppies, I just wanted to write to say a BIG THANK YOU for giving us the gift of a Beagle. Leo is an absolute blessing! :) He makes every morning brighter and every day an adventure. He is calm, friendly, respectful, and obedient. We love him so much! He is getting spoiled with hikes and walks, delicious food, puppy training, and lots of time with other puppies, dogs, and kids (he loves kids!)! Thanks again,

~Stu & Renee

Here is the most adorable picture that somehow our daughter took of Ella (Red)!! Hope you are all well and enjoying the holiday season. She is doing well and growing like a weed. She is a great dog and is so smart! All the kids (and us) love her to death and spoil her way too much, but that is what being older does to you. We are like her grandparents! The best to you all,


I think about sending you pictures and a text almost every day but always get so busy. But just wanted to let you know Charlee is the most beautiful Golden we have EVER had. Her favorite thing to do is to roll in the dirt and make herself look like a chocolate lab ;-). She makes us laugh every day! She is a spunky girl.


"Hi Freedom Puppies, "Zoe has brought love and life to our family. She has brought more fun to us. She is cuddly, cute, and full of life. And she's beautiful as a snowflake and loveable." Last, but not least, our old girl Meggie is coming to the end of her life road. We are grateful to Zoe as having her around definitely gave Meggie a second wind over this last year. I don't see us getting another dog, but Zoe is so awesome that if you ever have one of your grown (or partially grown) pups needing a home for whatever reason, let us know. Two Zoe’s would only be a good thing. :) 


Hi Freedom Puppies, thought I’d send an update on Little Orange, now Lucy. She is so much fun and so smart. She outsmarts us every day. We have a doggie door but leave the door to the patio open all the time and she’s always going in or out the other and tricking us. She loves playing in the water. We take her to the lake to get her feet wet and she has a little pool in the backyard she chases ice cubes in. She also fetches and returns the ball (see video) which our other retrievers never did and she’s only 10 weeks old!! She has lots of energy especially at 5:30 in the morning and 10 at night. Like with babies, we sleep when she sleeps. Tom comes home for lunch most days because he misses her. The kids adore her and her favorite thing is to chase the little boys next door who squeal which she loves even more. She isn’t a big fan of walking on a leash but we practice each day a little. She is game for anything so we go on adventures all the time and take her everywhere.


She is a ton of fun, has so much energy and has us totally wrapped around her finger (paw). Thanks for an awesome puppy! We are definitely thinking she needs a friend so let us know when you have another litter.

~Kira & Tom

Maddie is an absolute doll! We are so proud to have her and love her to pieces. She is keeping us very entertained this summer. She has a kiddie pool she plays in and loves it. Hopefully, we can get her to see you soon. When we play the puppy videos you made she hears your voice and gets very interested. Too funny!She is a ton of fun, has so much energy, and has us totally wrapped around her finger (paw). Thanks for an awesome puppy! We are definitely thinking she needs a friend so let us know when you have another litter.

~Rick & Stacy

When we set out on the quest to find our next family member we never expected such an amazing experience, connection, or end result. Freedom Puppies was amazing from the first contact. He was quick to respond, provided lots of detail, and took the time to answer my questions and walk me through the process. She helped us narrow down the choice based on the puppy personality we were looking for in our household... and she could not have been more right! On the day of selection, we were welcomed into Freedom Puppies' household. It was easy to see that the puppies grew up in a house full of love and good energy, and we were happy to see that the puppies were a part of the family! I could go on for hours about how appreciative I was of Heather's willingness to answer questions, provide updates and videos, and the families graciousness as they welcomed us into their home, but I will end by saying that we have adopted the sweetest, most well-behaved little addition to our family and I know that is greatly due to his environment as a small puppy and the love that he experienced with the Orth family. THANK YOU!

~Eva & Leif 

What a great puppy! We have had so much fun with Scout. The kids are having such a great time with him. While he has his puppy moments, he really wants to please and behave and we love his temperament.


Our boy, Forrest, is now 3 years old, and he is an absolute joy to our family. My daughter was looking for a Lab for me, and in her search found Freedom Puppies. Once we spoke with Freedom Puppies, we knew our search was over. They were professional, friendly, and were always available to answer our many questions. It was very important to us to have a well-bred dog, and that is exactly what we got! Forrest is smart, social, healthy, easily trained to do new tasks, happy, and energetic at all the right times. Not to mention, he has snuggled down to an art. We couldn't be happier!


Hi Freedom Puppies, Barley continues to be a wonderful part of our happy family! He is very well trained, very sweet and we don't go anywhere without someone asking about what kind of dog he is. We recommend Sweet Cream Goldens often! We even have a half-sister of his, McKenzie, living in our neighborhood! 


Hi, Freedom Puppies! We often think of you guys and we are so thankful for our pup. She is actually 8 months old today and weighs 60 lbs. I'm not kidding when I say she's perfect! We couldn't be happier with her! Exciting news; Tilly got to participate in our engagement photos last weekend.

~Krystal & Brandon

Dear Freedom Puppies, we have been having so much fun with Scout! Thank you for bringing her into the world for us! From the beginning, she's been so well-behaved, happy, and gorgeous. One of our best times together so far was a puppy reunion a couple of days ago with two of Scout's siblings here in Seattle. The 14-week old pups had a blast reuniting and it was fun to meet the other families and compare notes. We all agree that our puppies are the best! :) All the best,


Our little Harbor is growing like a weed! She has recently learned how to play fetch and is in love with tennis balls. Sometimes she likes to do a slow tiger hunting approach and then pounce on the item to be fetched. We think that is adorable, makes me laugh every time! She has the sweetest little spunky attitude, especially while out on a walk, and has made tons of people and puppy friends already. We get stopped every time on a walk and have people wanting to take pictures of her since she is so cute! We are endlessly in love with this little lady! Thank you!

~Liz & Travis 

Hi Freedom Puppies, our baby is getting so BIG!! I wanted you to see how beautiful he is. I've taken about 900 pictures so far! All the best,

~Di & Travis 

“Thank you so much for producing a dog as wonderful as our Sugar. She is the star of our neighborhood (Queen Anne in Seattle), and we are told multiple times a day by perfect strangers how beautiful and sweet she is. She was recently asked to be on the cover of the Seattle Magazine. We couldn’t be happier.” Hope you are all well.


I just thought I'd touch base with you and let you know how much I just love my little Finley from Freedom Puppies! She's such a sweetheart and so smart! Training her has been easy! She knew how to come, sit, lay down, "leave it", and heel on a leash within a few weeks of having her. Now we've been working on rolling over and the other fun tricks. She's been great with crate training and freely goes into her crate when she knows I'm leaving for work. She's been on several camping trips this summer as well as a backpacking trip and absolutely LOVES the water and swimming! When we're camping she always just sticks by me. I never have to worry about her wandering off at all. She's just brought so much joy into my life. I just wanted to say thanks!!


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